Horst Karbaum: CoronaGate

Peter Burstyn's been a father for a few weeks. Because his wife is ill, he has to take care of his little son besides work. He does research on virus strains at the Kanab Biological Laboratories in Kanab Utah-USA. He wants to find an antidote that works against all types of Coronavirus, re-gardless of the mutations. A mishap occurs, but before that, cases of infection occur in China, with which Peter has nothing to do except that he created the virus!
American agents are working on mysterious projects in Italy, Turkey and Laos near the Chinese border. One of them gives a completely new interpretation of how their president's goal of "America first!
Sometimes reality even overtakes the authors' fantasies!

Über Horst Karbaum

Horst Karbaum, born in 1951, has worked as a consulting engineer for almost 50 years. Since 2016 he has been writing books, some under a pseudonym. Under his real name, he has so far published a children's book "Little Peter on his way to the "Promised Land"".