tom suthamma: unknow china / asia

"The cradle of civilization" lies in Asia, it is said.

China, everyone has already heard of it.
However, most people can not imagine any real China at all.
China is both tradition and modernity.

Here you will find information and insights into a China.

You will see it with different eyes afterwards.

I try to convey with these lines why we Europeans do not understand the Asian way of thinking.
In Asia, business life, as well as private life, is inseparable through centuries of tradition.

In Asia nothing is as it seems, here one lives with spirits, traditions, customs and faith.
Even in normal conversations, there are rules here that must be adhered to.

I will give you a little insight into the way of life, the millennial traditions and customs.
Perhaps I am able to teach you why it is so difficult to understand the Asian way of life.
I think you can get a little picture of it when you have made this 'time trip' through the millennium.
They will read how the Ming Dynasty emerged, why it is so bad to lose face, how business in China works.
You will get to know the beginnings of the Republic as well as today's ninja negotiation tactics of the economy.
When you have finished reading the book, you will understand why you should not offend ghosts in Asia and why a person in China is always one year younger than in Europe.

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